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Pen Plating

April 2024 I introduced a new short course in association with industry leaders in electro plating and Stephen Goldsmith also know as Gold Polishing Guru

The day consisted of preparing and electroplating a number of items including cutlery, a silver challis, artisan jewellery and handbag hardware.

Students learned the Alchamy of electro currents, the importance of preparation and how to mask areas from plating. We learned about the Champions League Cup and the FA cup how they are silver with electroplate.

Part of the course students took home the equipment they used so that they can start straight away on the return to their workbenches.

As a first for Stephen, GS plating and myself we were not expecting so many enthusiastic jewellers. The next course is on Wednesday 26th September 2024.

Although it is a one day course it is the only one that is run in the country. With this in mind we offer a hospitality package that includes dinner, bed and breakfast locally for just £109. Stephen will dine with you if you stay on Wednesday night.


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