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Jewellery Training

On the edge of east London and easily accessible by the excellent road links to the M25 my studio offers comprehensive and affordable jewellery making. I offer one on one jewellery skills to master classes with some of the worlds most experienced and renowned craftspeople.

I was trained in the jewellery centre of excellence Hatton Garden, London. Having completed two diplomas I have a distinction in jewellery manufacuring and design from the prestigious British Academy of Jewellery. While completing my diploma I established that many of these courses were full of usless waffle that bulked out the content of the sylubus, they were also expensive, and did not cover aspects that I now use daily. Fundamentals were held back to retain you to the college. It was frustrating, and very expensive. The only people benefiting from this were the college founders and owner. With this in mind and my decades of experience in the trade I have decided that the industry needs a shake up with affordable and comprehensive training. I opened one side of my workshop to accomodate small classes with the ethos of excellent and good training. Working with Stephen Goldsmith known with in the trade as the Guru is a pleasure. The content of his course is quite magical and were his only hosts that also offer full board acomodation for your course.


January 13th

Make a Ring

No experience required, by the end of the session you will have made and finished a sterling silver ring.

Two day polishing master class with Stephen Goldsmith. An introduction to all things polishing and the final step of the jewellery manufacturing process. Invaluable old school craftsmanship which is unfortunately a dying trade.

One day platinum finishing master class with Stephen Goldsmith. Platinum is not covered on the polishing master class. It takes a lot of patience and experience for the


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