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Jewellery Repairs and Prices 2022

I offer in house jewellery repair, and replacement services. Please find attached some of the most commonly asked prices. Items that are made from gold and platinum will vary in price in accordance with the current metal prices. At the most they are at an all time high thanks to the Russian and Ukraine war. With this in mind please note that they are subject to change when I inspect the item and ascertain how much work and metal will be required. This is important to note when replacing worn out clasps and when resizing rings.

Rhodium plate dip rings lasts approx 1 year £40 each

Hard Rhodium plate rings lasts 2 years plus £70 each

Repair gold chain £20

Repair silver chain £10

Resize ring down STARTING from £25

Resize ring up Starting from £30

Resize up or down silver ring £25

Polish Luxury watch STARTING £95

Service Rolex parts and polish £450

Service Omega, TAG, CARTIER parts and polish £395

Replace missing diamond from £25

Polish wedding ring £20

Replace broken clasp Silver £10

Replace broken clasp GOLD FILLED £25

Replace broken clasp GOLD starting from £35

Safety chain 9ct yellow or white gold £65

Safety chain silver £15

Watch batteries from £5

Watch seals from £10

New earring post silver £5

New earring post white gold or yellow starting from £25

Solder silver charm on to a charm bracelet (each) £5

Restring Links of London bracelet £25

Restring pearls POA

I am often asked how much it will cost to rework old jewellery. This starts at £395. Please bring your old jewellery and any extra that you would like to scrap to make the item. Usually there is enough metal to do this, however there are times that when it is melted the shrinkage will not have enough to do the job so extra will need to be added. I can supply this but new gold is significantly more than recycled. If an item is designed for you and a CAD image shown for approval please note that this is not your image until it is paid for. If you wish to take the image to another workshop I charge a low fee of £100 for you to own the design and do what you want with it.

To have a bespoke piece made, you are in some of the best hands in the United Kingdom. With twenty years of experience I have designed items for TV and many celebrities. I do not advertise my work other than posting on non sponsored social media. It all comes to me by referral. If you are looking for a bespoke item do not be afraid that it will cost a small fortune. I have graduated with distinction from the British Academy of Jewellery with the ethos that my work should be available to anyone. I will work with your budget, your ideas and will make sure that you are involved as much as I can through out the process. I have a number of design methods that I use including models, wax carving and CAD rendered images. Depending on what you would like made will decide the method of design keeping your costs to a minimum. I ask for a £100 up front charge with a design consultation, this is refunded from the final bill when if you decide to go ahead.

My speciality over the years has been coin jewellery of which is still popular, and engagement / wedding rings. I can cater for all budgets and make sure that your wedding ring will fit beautifully with your engagement ring. My knowledge of gemstones and diamonds is second to none and I will show you the best value for your requirements. Many people focus on the four C's when purchasing a diamond because they have read about it on the internet. This isn't the best way to select a diamond as the factors involved are more than just the 4c's that are marketed to consumers by big companies. I can talk you through all options that are available.


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