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Business Development, PR and Pricing Workshop


A two day jewellery business course. From pricing to marketing.

The age old question from many of my pupils is how much should I charge? How do I promote my products.

With an extensive knowledge of the jewellery industry from wholesale to bespoke Sappho will guide you through the exact way to calculate your work and how to value your skill set. I will help you work to obtain full profit and guide you on how to save money and calculate all costs.

We will cover retail, gallery, wholesale and repair charges. With full course notes to take home you will be able to calculate your worth and make sure that you are covering costs so you’re not a busy fool, or loosing business by being too expensive.

The jewellery industry is heavily saturated, but as individual artists we all have our own worth and need to charge accordingly. With marketing and PR advice you will have knowledge on how to place your products and promote your brand. My PR advisor Caroline Watt is known for promoting reality TV stars such as Becky Vardy, SAS Who Dares Anthony Middleton, Gold Class Hair Extensions. Caroline represented me when I started out and with out her extensive knowledge of media I would not be where I am now. Her approach is for media exposure and brand credibility.

You will be confident in your customer and negotiation skills when you leave, and you will be confident to push yourself forward.

The course is residential, you will have lunches, dinner, bed and breakfast provided.

Location: RM156RX

Day 1

10am - 4pm

Day 2

9.30 - 3.30pm


Note pad, pen and calculator.

Tutor: Sappho Brammer

PR: Caroline Watt

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