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Polishing Guru Essentials Start Up Kit

Polishing Guru Essentials Start Up Kit


You’ve got the book, booked the course, dug out your trusty apron. All you’re missing are the absolute essentials for a professional high shine finish to your work. These are the exact products that Stephen and I have tried, tested and approved for the best results. This is the essentials to a glorious shine and finish. You can add to your kit as you do different jobs, but this is the must have selection.

Kit contains:

102mm polishing mops for second and third stage polishing. Selected by Stephen for their longevity and quality.

Pendant motor 2.3mm mops

Calico, wool and stock depending goats hair or nylon

Nylon Polishing brush for first stage polishing on the machine

4 good size polishing compounds for the four stages including the very difficult to obtain burns rouge and top quality Menzerna. These will last you ages!

Emery, Tripoli, rouge and final stage

Albo bobbing grease

Vienna Lime, jar and brush.

Cotton wool - if you know, you know!

Paraffin -

All you need to get going after your masterclass and delivered or collected on the day to save you £££ of postage from the different suppliers.

  • If the kit is posted the paraffin will not be sent for safety purposes.

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