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Jewellery Drawing and Hand Rendering Master Class with Dominic Kennedy

Jewellery Drawing and Hand Rendering Master Class with Dominic Kennedy


Jewellery rendering, is a way of presenting jewellery designs formally.

Dominic Kennedy lives and works in London. He has an MA from the Royal Academy of Art. He has exhibited in many countries and has taught fine art.

Dominic will be teaching you how to draw and hand paint using designer’s gouache gemstones and your jewellery designs.

This includes colour illustration of a jewel of your own design, using coloured pencil and highlighted with white watercolour and gouache. Throughout the session, we will be looking at examples of jewellery illustration through the ages from archives both here in the UK and Europe and from practising contemporary jewellery designers.

You will explore:

How to use visual research and other non-visual influences to provide a foundation for designing jewels.

To explore shading light and form

To accurately draw jewellery to scale (technical drawings)

To illustrate jewellery using coloured pencils, and introduce the use of paints in jewellery illustration through white watercolour and gouache paint

To illustrate a selection of metal surfaces and gemstone shapes and types. At the end of the session you will be able to share your work with the group

Please bring with you, your sketch book, a ruler, pencils, a rubber,

We will provide Winsor & Newton paint and brushes for you to use in the studio. As well as two different coloured artist papers. A light lunch will be provided as well as handouts for you to take with you.

This is a full one day course.

10am - 5pm

Little Mollands Farm

South Ockendon


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